02 oktober 2008

50 in 5:13!


Just cuz I'm soooooo proud of myself for the first time ever making all the 50 states without cheating ^^ Have always forgotten one or two, every time different, but I guess this is my lucky day . . . Actually, I made the first 49 in 3 minutes and then thought / conversated with msn-people while figuring out that the last one was Wyoming ^^

You just have to try it out, it's so worth it! I've realized that one of the worst things in life is feeling really excluded due to one's ignorance. Like I've done. And I mean, I still do - probably more often than is necessary. It's not like you grow smart, experienced and competent just by knowing the names of 50 states on the other side of Earth, but... Well, I found it quite a nice entertainment / challenge (since I otherwise have nothing to fill my empty days with o_o).

Love <3

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